Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Abstract and Neon

Today I was trying to wear a trend but ended up wearing two. I loved this shirt when I saw it at Jcpenny can I just say WELCOME NINA G. Since Nina took over the clothes are omg. GORGE. Well before she came they had made some strides with the Charlotte Ronson, Arden B, and Olsenboyle. They have really added more fashion foward options to their arsenal and it looks great. You see all the trends from leather, neon, abtract , tribal etc. You have to go check them out. They have this great color block blazer I have to have. I will do a post on my top pics from there later in the week. The pumps I found out about from Brittney on Pockets and Bows one of my favorite blogs.

The shoes are a look alike from the Christian Loubutin Un bout pump. I wasnt really sure when I looked on go jane but I ordered them anyway bc I was in love with the pump when I saw Beyonce and  Kim Kardashian in them. I ordered the neon green in a 8.5 and they fit and look cute and not cheap at all. I have gotten several compliments on them throughout the day.

Shirt;' Jcpenny
Jeans: NY and Co
Shoes : Go jane

Body Con at work??

Hi Guys,

I decided to wear a body con skirt today at work. I was going for the cool casual look like the put together look but not. I think I acheived it. I work a kind of  long shirt but I didnt like how it looked with no structure so I added a belt. Without the belt it made me look bigger. Attention ladies just because you are a little thicker than the norm dont hide your figure in big oversized clothes it just makes you look larger and doesnt really work out. I have alot behind me if you know what I mean and I was going to work and not a party so I had to make sure even with the belt the shirt covered most of the backside and it did. Turned out to be really cute. I didnt want to match all the way down I wanted to make it less serious and more casual so I added my neon pink sandals to add some flair. Check it out.

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Jcpenny and Burlington

Friday, September 7, 2012

Casual friday

This is one of my more cas looks with flats and a ponytail.  I love this loops in my hair bc I can pull my hair up with no problem it is the best. The shoes are great I had to get the from target in Atlanta bc my target sold out of black they are very close to the popular dolce cita archer sandals but for 14.99. I have these and hot pink they are great wear them weekly.

Have a great weekend guys :).

Shirt: Sears
Jeans: NY and Co
Shoes : target

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Neon and Aztec

Hello Fashionistas,

Today I incorporated two trends in one outfit without even knowing it. My shirt which I got from Walmart OMG I still can't believe it is Aztec print and I found these neon pink Steve Madden patent pumps at burlington for the sale price of 29.99 but they were on sales for 19.99. I couldn't believe it.
The shirt was a mistake I was going in Walmart to get a present for a little boy for a bday party my daughter was invited to and on my way to the toy section I was walking down the isle and saw the print.

I picked the top up and noticed the rolled sleeved and exposed zipper in the back. It resembles a color block top I got from target months back. They have some great prints and pretty solids I love shirts like this that stop mid hip. I am so short that I like the length a longer shirt just makes me look bigger than I am. I am 5'3 for all who wonder lol.

The shirt shocked me I'm not a Walmart shopper can't deal with noise and crowds but these we're so cool I got three lol they were just 9.88 a great price. I probably will go back and get the pink one since all I bought was prints. I love prints and color if u haven't noticed. Til next time keep it Fab :)

Shirt- Walmart
Jeans - NY and Co
Shoes- Steve Madden
Bracelets - Burlington