Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

I have been on a mad hunt for all things colored jeans. I LOVE COLOR and I have been color blocking before it was a trend lol. I hate matching unless it is worth it. I had bought a few pair of premimum jeans in orange and seafoam green from Target for 24.99 they were great and fit great but they only had certain colors.

When I went in old navy and saw the colors they had I died and the fit omg is great. I have had trouble with old navy jeans in the past because I have a large behind lol to say the least and my body type is very curvy. They fit great.  They run 34.50 but they were on sale this weekend for 29.00. The length is also great they stop right at the ankle , I hate when skinny jeans are long , who wants that especially if you are like me and wear heels everyday and want to show them off. I love skinny jeans because I can showcase my heels. I think I will wear them forever I will never go back to a bootcut which I do own and wear from time to time but nothing beats a great skinny jean. I have every color lol. They are in green, mustard, blue, purple, red, pink and black. The material is great. They will transition into fall perfectly. So girls remember you dont have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans you just have to try try try again until you find the right pair and when you do buy all colors like I did lol.

I also love ny and co curvy skinny stretch I have tons of those as well. They go up to a size 18.

See all the colors below.

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