Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ian Bradley Faboulous Hair

Good Morning My fellow Fashionistas,

This past Saturday I got loop hair and I love it. It is not a new technique but it is something new that my stylist is doing. It is where hair is looped into your hair strand by strand and its great if you want to put your weave up into a ponytail or a braid and it is flat to your head like it is your own and not all puffy like it would be with a sew in. If you want more details about the loop technique check out her website at I got it done at Ian Bradley Salon in Macon, Ga where I live. My stylist Melissa McCoy has a website where she sells indian , brazialian , chinese, etc all types of hair at great prices. The link for the site is I took some pictures of the hair . I am not used to long straight hair but it looks good on me. I have yaki hair because it is closer to my texture. You can wear the loops for 4-6 month which is great for someone who is going natural or who wants to give their hair a rest and let it grow which is why I wanted them. Here are some pictures below.

I love it . If you are in the Georgia Area you need to check Ian Bradley out, their number is 478-330-6393.

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