Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Beyonce Pregnant Fashion

Ok so it is no secret that I LOVE BEYONCE, she is the best female entertainer of our generation and has some of the best fashion also. It is only envitable that she would be the best dressed pregnant womnen also. Her style is impeccable. I just had a baby and I had my cute days but some days were not so cute especially in my 8th and 9th month. I do have to comment on the heels I still could wear them but after my third month no heels I was so scared of falling and hurting my stomach and I wear heels everyday normally. So that was the hardest part of my pregnancy bc I didnt feel myself. I would be worried though at the thought so I give her kudos. I do think she might want to chill out with it in her 8th and 9th month because your balance is off due to your top being larger than the bottom half of your body.

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