Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Holidays Everyone.

I hope that you all had a merry christmas and praised Jesus as I did for all his many blessings. I also hope that you will have a Happy safe New year and we need to be greatful for all God has provided for us. I know I am especially grateful for my little one :).

I havent posted in a while and I wanted to post this site for the longest. So here is goes:

Some of the sites I have fallen in love with are .

Hautelook is a great site from Nordstrom that has some great finds on it and up to 75 percent off retail price. Some of the things I have purchased are joes jeans for the baby for 19.99, kickers shoes for the baby which retail 85.00 and up for 25.00, jessica simpsons for 49.00, handbags that retail for 100.00 and up for 40.00. I love hautelook is the best thing since ebay lol. I am able to feed my label addiction at half the price it is a win win situation. My husband is freaked out by all the boxes but he will get over it. Some of my buys are below:

Those miami green jessica simpson waleo pumps I have wanted for the longest but was iffy about the 98.00 even on ebay they were 84.00 well I got them off haute for 49.00 I died lol.

If you guys get a min and want great designer items for less shop


Sterling Silver Jewellery said...

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Ruby Girl said...

I heard of hautelook when I was in college, a time period of my life when I literally bought 2 articles of clothing a year. I need to take advantage of it more now that I actually buy clothes, haha! Love the colorblock shoes and the turquoise ones especially!

Anonymous said...


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