Monday, November 21, 2011

Women's Winter Coats

I am going to visit family soon in Chicago and I went online looking for coats to fight the frost. I found a few winter womans coats I liked. I felt the best choice for me would be a cute little parka. Nevermind the fact they are so in right now. I like variety so I want a large selection in one place. The site is called Comparison Shopper.

The three brands that caught my eye were L.L. Bean , North Face, and Sport Chek. The North face coat I loved it was a little above the orginal budget I had but very worth the money. I had one before and I wore it until it fell apart. The next one was the L.L Bean Parka it was so cute in army green and it is more of a fashion choice.

The last choice I made was a Sport Chek coat and it was all the requirements I needed with a little less fashion. I guess I have my work cut out in choosing. I am still deciding which one will I ultimately choose to wear. We will see, I know it will be one of the three. I am leaning towards the L.L bean I love an army green number. Go check out the coats on the link provided and let me know whe you think and maybe you will see some selections for yourself :).

Happy Shopping !

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