Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My outfit for today!

Hello Fellow Fashionistas!!!

Today was a cold day but I still tried to keep it cute. I got my sweater from old navy at the 75 %  percent off sweater sale. They have been having some great sales there lately I got 5 sweaters from the sweater sale for under $ 50.00. I also attended their coat sale the day before and purchase 2 peacoats for $ 28.00. Black Friday I did most of my shopping for my house and my baby. I didnt get to much for me. I did a little shopping at http://www.hautelook.com/, aldo and old navy. Target has some great jeans made by Levi they are pricey but they fit great.

Jeans: Target premium denim
Sweater: Oldnavy
Shoes: Haute look
Necklace: Vintage 

Happy Shopping! I will be doing a post on hautelook soon. They are my new favorite site.

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