Tuesday, November 1, 2011


      I found a new site called http://www.become.com/. It is a shopping website that lets you comparative shop. Instead of using a search engine to look up products you are looking for you can use become and search for exactly what you want. It eliminates all the spam that is received when searching for products when using search engines. It allows you to comparative shop and lists the best other sites have to offer. Some of the sites featured when I searched for juicy couture moon boots are piperlime, ebay and Neiman Marcus.
      The site is set up really neat and it is easy to view and to get an overview of everything that is offered at one time. It lists several styles of the product you are looking for and several brands to search from. Other items I searched for were bathing suits for my cousin. She wanted a tankini by juicy. They listed a large variety of juniors tankini swimsuits. As you can see http://www.become.com/ has a variety of products from boots, swimsuits and also sandals for a more mature woman. I searched for some white stag sandals  for my aunt and they had those on the site as well. So go check out http://www.become.com/ and give it a try.

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