Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kate and Pippa

Guest Post from: Mohammed Simon

I logged on to and upgraded my television package. I have been obsessed with watching "E" network. My favorite show is "Keeping up with the kardashians", but they had a really great biography on "True hollywood Story" even though it highlighted two of my favorite people who have never even been to Hollywood. The biography was on Kate and Pippa. I really can't believe that it took so long for something like this to come out. They are two of my favorite celebrities because they are polished and sophisticated. They aren't even out every weekend wearing the shortest skirts, doing drugs, or being photographed in a fight with some other girl. I also love how they go shopping at stores like "Zara" and Top Shop". I think everyone adores them so much because they are beautiful and really like regular people. They are always warm and welcoming to admirers that approach them. I just wish that I could get my hair to look as thick and beautiful as Kate's does.

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