Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Holidays Everyone.

I hope that you all had a merry christmas and praised Jesus as I did for all his many blessings. I also hope that you will have a Happy safe New year and we need to be greatful for all God has provided for us. I know I am especially grateful for my little one :).

I havent posted in a while and I wanted to post this site for the longest. So here is goes:

Some of the sites I have fallen in love with are .

Hautelook is a great site from Nordstrom that has some great finds on it and up to 75 percent off retail price. Some of the things I have purchased are joes jeans for the baby for 19.99, kickers shoes for the baby which retail 85.00 and up for 25.00, jessica simpsons for 49.00, handbags that retail for 100.00 and up for 40.00. I love hautelook is the best thing since ebay lol. I am able to feed my label addiction at half the price it is a win win situation. My husband is freaked out by all the boxes but he will get over it. Some of my buys are below:

Those miami green jessica simpson waleo pumps I have wanted for the longest but was iffy about the 98.00 even on ebay they were 84.00 well I got them off haute for 49.00 I died lol.

If you guys get a min and want great designer items for less shop

Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Beyonce Pregnant Fashion

Ok so it is no secret that I LOVE BEYONCE, she is the best female entertainer of our generation and has some of the best fashion also. It is only envitable that she would be the best dressed pregnant womnen also. Her style is impeccable. I just had a baby and I had my cute days but some days were not so cute especially in my 8th and 9th month. I do have to comment on the heels I still could wear them but after my third month no heels I was so scared of falling and hurting my stomach and I wear heels everyday normally. So that was the hardest part of my pregnancy bc I didnt feel myself. I would be worried though at the thought so I give her kudos. I do think she might want to chill out with it in her 8th and 9th month because your balance is off due to your top being larger than the bottom half of your body.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My outfit for today!

Hello Fellow Fashionistas!!!

Today was a cold day but I still tried to keep it cute. I got my sweater from old navy at the 75 %  percent off sweater sale. They have been having some great sales there lately I got 5 sweaters from the sweater sale for under $ 50.00. I also attended their coat sale the day before and purchase 2 peacoats for $ 28.00. Black Friday I did most of my shopping for my house and my baby. I didnt get to much for me. I did a little shopping at, aldo and old navy. Target has some great jeans made by Levi they are pricey but they fit great.

Jeans: Target premium denim
Sweater: Oldnavy
Shoes: Haute look
Necklace: Vintage 

Happy Shopping! I will be doing a post on hautelook soon. They are my new favorite site.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Women's Winter Coats

I am going to visit family soon in Chicago and I went online looking for coats to fight the frost. I found a few winter womans coats I liked. I felt the best choice for me would be a cute little parka. Nevermind the fact they are so in right now. I like variety so I want a large selection in one place. The site is called Comparison Shopper.

The three brands that caught my eye were L.L. Bean , North Face, and Sport Chek. The North face coat I loved it was a little above the orginal budget I had but very worth the money. I had one before and I wore it until it fell apart. The next one was the L.L Bean Parka it was so cute in army green and it is more of a fashion choice.

The last choice I made was a Sport Chek coat and it was all the requirements I needed with a little less fashion. I guess I have my work cut out in choosing. I am still deciding which one will I ultimately choose to wear. We will see, I know it will be one of the three. I am leaning towards the L.L bean I love an army green number. Go check out the coats on the link provided and let me know whe you think and maybe you will see some selections for yourself :).

Happy Shopping !

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beyonce's Pregnant Glam Style

She has some of the best pregnant style I have ever seen. I was cute on occasion while I was expecting but looks like her team has it down to a science. Go head B!!! Can't wait on little B to arrive.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

      I found a new site called It is a shopping website that lets you comparative shop. Instead of using a search engine to look up products you are looking for you can use become and search for exactly what you want. It eliminates all the spam that is received when searching for products when using search engines. It allows you to comparative shop and lists the best other sites have to offer. Some of the sites featured when I searched for juicy couture moon boots are piperlime, ebay and Neiman Marcus.
      The site is set up really neat and it is easy to view and to get an overview of everything that is offered at one time. It lists several styles of the product you are looking for and several brands to search from. Other items I searched for were bathing suits for my cousin. She wanted a tankini by juicy. They listed a large variety of juniors tankini swimsuits. As you can see has a variety of products from boots, swimsuits and also sandals for a more mature woman. I searched for some white stag sandals  for my aunt and they had those on the site as well. So go check out and give it a try.

What I wore today!!

I tried to look colorful and fiestive today even though it was chilly this morning. I am wearing a Twiggy Lamb Motorcycle Jacket from HSN , it was a great deal I got it last year for like 159.00 but with easy payments. That is a great way for a fashionista to look stylish as pay a little at a time. I dont know if you guys check out HSN and QVC but they have great designer brands and affordable payment options. I will do a feature on Luxe by Rachel Zoe this week that is one of my favorite brands from QVC. I ordered a great fur vest and faux fur coat from her this last week and both were on waitlist because her stuff always sells out.

Jacket:HSN Twiggy
Jeans: NY&CO
Shoes:Giani Bini
Shirt:Oxford and Regent ( a great designer brand that JcPenny used to carry but no longer do)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Light Therapy

Light Therapy or phototherapy is a therapy treatment that uses blue led lights to treat acne , acne light therapy. Tanda skincare sells a product that provides to this service to people with acne issues. I had a friend that had bad acne and she used the light therapy and it worked wonders for her. It is a great alternative to all the creams and solutions being offered.

I saw this therapy being useds on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recently and the ladies seemed to enjoy it. It looked painless. I have done research and found that this is one of the new most popular ways of clearing up acne. Tanda offers the treatment. Anyone who is interested in it that has an acne problem should check it out. I know I refered all the people I know to Tanda.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kate and Pippa

Guest Post from: Mohammed Simon

I logged on to and upgraded my television package. I have been obsessed with watching "E" network. My favorite show is "Keeping up with the kardashians", but they had a really great biography on "True hollywood Story" even though it highlighted two of my favorite people who have never even been to Hollywood. The biography was on Kate and Pippa. I really can't believe that it took so long for something like this to come out. They are two of my favorite celebrities because they are polished and sophisticated. They aren't even out every weekend wearing the shortest skirts, doing drugs, or being photographed in a fight with some other girl. I also love how they go shopping at stores like "Zara" and Top Shop". I think everyone adores them so much because they are beautiful and really like regular people. They are always warm and welcoming to admirers that approach them. I just wish that I could get my hair to look as thick and beautiful as Kate's does. a Great Designer Shopping Experience!!!

Hello fellow fashion obsessed!I was looking for some great fall fashion and I went to a site that I love to visit, Bluefly has tons of designer fashions for less. I want to talk a little about the site. They have designers such as Michael Kors, A.B.S by Allen Schwartz, Marc by Marc Jacobs and BCBG just to name a few. They also are having private sale of 70% off and when you buy 150.00 you can take 30.00 off with free shipping , what a great deal. You better hop on it now because that offer of 30.00 off of 150.00 only lasts for another 10 hours.

Blue fly has over 254 blazers, jackets and vests which are perfect for fall season and they all range in price from 52.00 to 1500.00. What a great range for any fashionista. They have several popular brands from Elizabeth and James to DVF. Another staple for fall fashion would be Leggings. They are really big this year as in years past and they have tons of name brands at really great prices. Some of the brands of leggings offered on are Michael Kors, Plan B, BCBG , and Stella McCartney.

They also have great shoes by alot of great designers. They have gucci shoes, miu miu, chloe and alot of others. Getting a great pair of new booties or pumps is a good way to add a little boost to your wardrobe.

My last fall favorite which is an anytime favorite and that is denim. The jean selection is absolutely great. They have all the trendy name brands we love such as 7 for all mankind, Rock and Republic, and Joes Jeans. They actually call it a denim shop. A shop it is , you can choose what cut of jean you would like if you don't know the actual brand you want. The cuts they have listed are cropped, bootcut, skinny , straight, flare, and wide leg. I strongly suggest that for all fall staples the first stop you make is and you won't be disappointed.

Happy Shopping


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Favorite Fashion Week Pics!

I know these are a MONTH late and I am sorry. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. These are my favorite fashion week looks.

What I Wore This Week

I tried to brighten up a drery day. You dont have to be a size two to look sexy and pulled together and I did this with extra baby weight and all. I still have 25 more lbs to lose. Wish me look and light eating lol.

Leopard cardigan (Jcpenny), Coral bow belt (NY&CO ), Flare Jeans (NY&CO), Brown Leather Pumps (Steve Madden), Big Buddha Chain Leather Clutch (Ebay)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Favorite Trends via People Mag!!!

Double Buckle Belts

Lace up Bootie Platforms

Neon Yellow

Kimono Tops

Red and Pink Combo

Hot Pink Pumps

Lace Mini Dresses

These are just a few of my favorites right now. Courtney Kerr whom I loveeeeee had on a lace dress last night on Watch what happens live, she looked great as always. I will have to do a style spotlight on her. I heart her :).

Tomorrow I will post , my top fall looks and also some of my favorite websites right now.

Until then


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hi Guys,

Alot has transpired since the last time I blogged. I had a baby on 6/14/11. Her name is Maliyah and she is my heart, she is so bubbly, happy and gorgeous. I will begin blogging again this week. I am making a few changes. I will be introducing more of what I am wearing for all inquiring minds. I think I have great fashion sense and I want to insprire new moms that you can get your swag back I still have a few more pounds to lose but I have my swag back and I feel great. I also will continue to put what I think is hot and what trends I am forcasting for the future. Look foward to blogging again.

See ya soon,


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fashion on the Street

Kim and Kourt

I love watching these ladies they always look great. Thanks to their wonderful fashion sense but dont forget the most important part their stylist Monica Rose.