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Spring Tops... You can Afford

These are some great spring shirt options that would work for spring and really bring life to an outfit. All of the shirts are between 19.99-48.99 so they are very affordable. The shirts come from, www.ny&, and
I know jcpenny you say " I thought that was an old lady store". Well not anymore. I get most of my clothes from there now as they employed a new set of designers and also feature many top designers such as Nicole Miller, Charlotte Ronson and Allen B. Some of my favorite brands there are allen b, she said, oxford and regent, and I love ronson. I will do a post later to show you guys all of my JCP findings. They have great shoe options as well with fergie's shoe line fergilicious and also Kimors Faboulosity line . Fashionista's don't limit yourselves only to stores you think are "in" such as forever 21 and h&m. I LOVE those stores as well but I like to be diversified and want my wardrobe to state the same. Just as jcp I never thought I would be a lerners ny and co shopper but they have added more trendy and hip options and not just mom jeans and work wear anymore. They have come a long way with great distressed skinny jeans, leopard t's , and leather biker jackeys . You guys need to check both stores out!!! You would be suprised at what you find and at great prices.
Next Spring Jackets and Denim WE can afford!!!!


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I'm Back !!!!!!

Omg I didn't realize it had been a year . Time passes by so fast and a lot has changes since I lost blogged. Let's see I will keep it brief . I had a baby as you all know she is now 2 and a total mini me , love her . I am getting divorced never thought I would would ever say that but things happen and I must say I am doing great God has really provided not only financially but spiritually . Let's see what else? Still trying to lost baby weight and Maliyah is 2 lol I gained 70 pounds only 25 more to go . Got a promotion at work . Lastly bought some great clothes and as always gave a lot of them away . I will try to post OOTD at least 3 times a week . Later I will post my favorite trends and shoe and bag buys. I have been shopping like crazy . I'm glad to be back this is like therapy lol if I would have know this I would have come back much sooner but when you have a 2 year old they become your life and it's hard to balance but I think I got it now 😊. 
Sweater: forev…

My Latest Purchases

I have been doing a little shopping here and there and naturally my blog name encompasses the word shopaholic. If you are plus size you should not let your size define you , you should always shop according to your body shape. Shopping this way should lead you to non conventional stores for plus size. Some of my favorite places to shop now are express for jeans, Topshop, Hautelook for everything , Nordstrom, Target, Boohoo, Asos, Zara and many more. My new weekly post will be what I bought for that week , so below here are some of the things I purchased this week. Enjoy!!

Shoes from Topshop

Jeans from Express

I ordered a few items from Boohoo I will do a post on those after I receive the items and do a review of them. I am a little concerned with the sizing sometimes its off a bit. Look for that blog post soon.

Body Con at work??

Hi Guys,

I decided to wear a body con skirt today at work. I was going for the cool casual look like the put together look but not. I think I acheived it. I work a kind of  long shirt but I didnt like how it looked with no structure so I added a belt. Without the belt it made me look bigger. Attention ladies just because you are a little thicker than the norm dont hide your figure in big oversized clothes it just makes you look larger and doesnt really work out. I have alot behind me if you know what I mean and I was going to work and not a party so I had to make sure even with the belt the shirt covered most of the backside and it did. Turned out to be really cute. I didnt want to match all the way down I wanted to make it less serious and more casual so I added my neon pink sandals to add some flair. Check it out.

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Jcpenny and Burlington