Monday, November 16, 2009

Complex's Top Ten Womens Fashion Trends ....

Complex released what they thought were the top ten fashion trends for Women in the 2000's. Some of them I agreed with others no so much. They also added who they thought were the pioneers and I will list the ones I feel that were the pioneers out of the names they listed. I also added who I would add to the list if I had input on it . If you want to take a look at the list go to

Here is the list:

1.Leggings- Keri Hilson , Ciara. My pick Angela Simmons.
2.Low Cut Skinny Jeans-Ciara. My pick Lauren Conrad
3.Visible Lingerie- Rihanna- I agree.
4.Cut off Shorts- Jessica Simpson . I agree
5.Cropped Shirts- Keri Hilson . I agree but I would also add Rihanna
6.Platform Heels- Beyonce. I agree but I would add Chrisette Michele, i love her style although she gets little to no recongition , she wears great heels.
7.High Top Sneakers- Amber Rose. I agree .
8. Trifey Assesories- Rihanna. My pick Teyona Taylor, Keri Hilson, Angela Simmons.
9. Pencil Skirts- Kim Kardashian. I agree
10. Big frame Sunglasses- Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I agree.

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