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The Jeans that FIT for you ......

I know I have done a jeans blog . If you haven't seen it you need to check it out , just look to the left and click on 2007 and it was done in October. The name of it is Jeans, Jeans , Jeans. The reason why I am revisiting is I feel like I only listed jeans for my body type which is a pear shape (smaller on top than bottom with a bigger hip and thigh and smaller waist) . I see people daily who do NOT wear the type of jeans that flatter their body type. I am only talking about the top three body types that I feel need help. I hope my jean post prevents the muffin tops world wide because it is not a good look. I am a avid watcher of what not to wear and something that they preach on weekly no matter the shape of the contestant is the your clothes can make you look smaller or in some cases bigger. So I will attempt to attack these three body types and provide the perfect jean for you..

If you have a different shape than listed below send me comment and I will find a jean for you. A bootcut jean works for everyone . So if all else fails go bootcut.

Pear shape: (bigger on bottom than top with a smaller waist than your hips) Once again this is my body type. Guess what skinny jeans are not just for stick figures. I like them bc they show off my shape . So curvy girls go out and experience skinny jeans . Ok here are some of my faves . You want a high rise to a medium rise. No absolutely no low rise , to hippy for that .So pear shapes need to pick a skinny with a high rise, wide leg , straight leg loose fit or bootcut.

Next shape is triangle (if you have broad shoulders with a wide middle section and small bottom) This seems to be the body type that picks all the wrong jeans. Ladies if you are triangle shaped the wider your leg needs to be to balance you out. Please refrain from skinny jeans or low rise. It just will make you look larger and give you a muffin top. A muffin top is when your stomach is protruding over your waist of your jeans a fashion no no. You need to stick with a bootcut , relaxed fit, or wide leg. This will ultimately elongate your figure and make your bottom look proportionate to your top instead of your top overwhelming your bottom.

Boyish figure (this means you are straight up and down no curves hips or thighs). If this is the case you will need a skinny jean or flare leg jean. You need something that sticks close to the body to provide a shape. Flare would be best because they hug the thigh then float away at the bottom creating curves a las a figure.

All jeans were found at your stop for designer jeans that they customize for your body type. Check it out at


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