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The Hills Recap

Tonight was interesting, I was very proud of Heidi she really acted out her faked breakup very well with Spencer. Even though it was faked I loved the way Heidi stood up to him, she even had the neck roll lol , interesting . I am proud of her. I am also proud of Audrina she is moving on and it seems like she is really over Justin Bobby's dirty butt. Good rid dens , lol, I never liked him to much anyway. I am glad he got the boot he was a A 1 butt hole. She deserves better . I think with her dating other people she sees how she is supposed to be treated. So kudos Audrina.

But Lauren Lauren Lauren , what is going on ?????????????You finally find a guy who is cute and a gentleman with his own little celebrity and you don't know how to cease the day. I love Brody is sooooooooooo cute , sweet, handsome, and fly and did I mention cute lol. Hell I would date him .Lauren needs to wake up and tell Brody how she feels they make an adorable couple and I want to see them together ASAP . Lauren and Brody stop playing games and get together already. The season finale is next week , cant wait to see what happens. Even though I think the show is a little faked it still makes for GREAT TV so tune in, the fashion is enough for anyone to watch , those ladies have great style. Heidi included and yes I am still on TEAM LAUREN .


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November Wishlist

Hi Guys,

Soooooooo yea I haven't been as dedicated as my mind wanted to be. It is like my mind and my abilities aren't on the same page when it comes to incorporating blogging back into my life. Now I can say I have arranged my schedule in a way to fit it in and be able to express myself beyond talking to a 5 year old all day or attending activities with tons of toddlers. I digress I can go on and on about my single mom diaries which I think I might do a weekly blog on because of this I have decided to change my blog name again I know I know but I feel that me speaking on my fashion choices as well as my plight as a single mom I think I will be able to help other moms as well as vent my feelings and frustrations. So here we go.

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Omg I didn't realize it had been a year . Time passes by so fast and a lot has changes since I lost blogged. Let's see I will keep it brief . I had a baby as you all know she is now 2 and a total mini me , love her . I am getting divorced never thought I would would ever say that but things happen and I must say I am doing great God has really provided not only financially but spiritually . Let's see what else? Still trying to lost baby weight and Maliyah is 2 lol I gained 70 pounds only 25 more to go . Got a promotion at work . Lastly bought some great clothes and as always gave a lot of them away . I will try to post OOTD at least 3 times a week . Later I will post my favorite trends and shoe and bag buys. I have been shopping like crazy . I'm glad to be back this is like therapy lol if I would have know this I would have come back much sooner but when you have a 2 year old they become your life and it's hard to balance but I think I got it now 😊. 
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I have been doing a little shopping here and there and naturally my blog name encompasses the word shopaholic. If you are plus size you should not let your size define you , you should always shop according to your body shape. Shopping this way should lead you to non conventional stores for plus size. Some of my favorite places to shop now are express for jeans, Topshop, Hautelook for everything , Nordstrom, Target, Boohoo, Asos, Zara and many more. My new weekly post will be what I bought for that week , so below here are some of the things I purchased this week. Enjoy!!

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I ordered a few items from Boohoo I will do a post on those after I receive the items and do a review of them. I am a little concerned with the sizing sometimes its off a bit. Look for that blog post soon.