Monday, December 3, 2007

The Hills Recap

Tonight was interesting, I was very proud of Heidi she really acted out her faked breakup very well with Spencer. Even though it was faked I loved the way Heidi stood up to him, she even had the neck roll lol , interesting . I am proud of her. I am also proud of Audrina she is moving on and it seems like she is really over Justin Bobby's dirty butt. Good rid dens , lol, I never liked him to much anyway. I am glad he got the boot he was a A 1 butt hole. She deserves better . I think with her dating other people she sees how she is supposed to be treated. So kudos Audrina.

But Lauren Lauren Lauren , what is going on ?????????????You finally find a guy who is cute and a gentleman with his own little celebrity and you don't know how to cease the day. I love Brody is sooooooooooo cute , sweet, handsome, and fly and did I mention cute lol. Hell I would date him .Lauren needs to wake up and tell Brody how she feels they make an adorable couple and I want to see them together ASAP . Lauren and Brody stop playing games and get together already. The season finale is next week , cant wait to see what happens. Even though I think the show is a little faked it still makes for GREAT TV so tune in, the fashion is enough for anyone to watch , those ladies have great style. Heidi included and yes I am still on TEAM LAUREN .

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