Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Hills Recap

Ok ok ok , this is what I have been waiting on . Some long awaited drama lol. Finally Heidi and Lauren run into each other (seemed staged ) but anyway they were able to hash out some issues. I must say that on the commercials with the clips of the show I felt sorry for Heidi bc I feel like she is alone with no friends and having to look at Spencer everyday is depressing for anybody. But after she ran into Lauren at the event and she never apologized she even got an attitude with Lauren , she was accompanied by a new bolthouse employee so maybe she was trying to show out in front of her who knows . Anyway she walks up to Lauren and Whitney ans say hello and she begins to say what she did or didn't say about her which was the wrong setting to have that conversation. So she instant messaged Lauren asking her to meet so they can talk. So Heidi came to Laurens condo to talk and she never admitted that she knew that Spencer was gonna do that , she was still lying to Lauren about the tape so Lauren ended the conversation with I have to forgive you and I also want to Forget you . Heidi walked out and that was the end of the episode.

That episode was great , I loved it . They finally got something resolved and they can move on with their lives .

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