Thursday, November 8, 2007

Great Feedback.

I just wanted to thank everyone for all your comments and for coming to see what I have to say , I am so in awe that people would even care to know my opinion on anything. As you can see I always have one whether it is right wrong or indifferent I have one and I can vocalize it quite well. I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to visit and continue because the blog will only get better. That is a promise.

Two things I wanted to announce : The first is a I received an email from the Fashion Webmaster at telling me how much they love the blog and how they want me to do a write up on their new site and I am so so excited. The second thing is that someone from Lisa Kline read the write up I did on her jackets and they want me to feature some new items on the blog and write about them , so look for those sometime in the future. So as you can see things are going well and they can only get better.I will be back tomorrow with my infamous "If I was rich I would buy" entry so look forward to that . Have a great night and God Bless.....

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