Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Game Recap

Ok Melanie is really starting to get on my nerves , I know I was team Melanie in the past but I think that she has pushed me on to team Derwin . Melanie was told she had 1 month to move out of Tasha's house , Tasha even gave her $5'000.00 to help her in her move. Melanie in an argument with Derwin tells him that she slept with Malik, which cause Malik and Derwin to argue and almost come to blows bc of her lies and pettiness. Melanie needs to stop playing games and decide whether she wants her man or not , in which it is obvious that she does . She needs to act like it forgive him and move on. Because of all the trouble she caused Tasha kicked her out and she had to move in with Derwin's old manager which I would have never done. She is just becoming really weak , childish , and unfocused to me lately she needs to step her game up totally. As far as Jason he is on steroids and cannot perform sexually with his wife instead of fessing up to her he lies to her AGAIN and tells her the reason that he hasn't slept with her is he is no longer attracted to her , that is sick and pathetic , he needs to get it together. I can say

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