Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fly Fashionista Style File.... Beyonce

This is surprisingly my first entry about Beyonce . The reason why I say that is because I am one of her biggest fans. I love her music and most of all her fashion sense. Not to mention her boyfriend/fiance Jay z is my favorite rapper with a swag to boast and brag about. I am not really into the house of dereon like I thought I would be but Beyonce's fashion sense is impeccable. She knows how to put pieces together from accessories , to dresses, jeans , etc. She always is wearing the hottest bag or pair of Louboutin's . I love everything about her style , I have never once seen her in an outfit that I didn't like . She is always so well put together and she knows how to dress for her body type.She is a fashionista and lover of fashion in her own right always at the fashion shows and always wearing the trends to a tee. She had to be my first entry because I feel that she sets tons a trends and she has a cult following that includes the regular fashionista such as myself or celebrities that copy her style. So kudos to Ms. Beyonce Knowles , the first entry in my Fly Fashionista Style File!

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