Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lisa Kline Coupon ....

Hello and Happy Holidays!

Lisa Kline is having a special holiday coupon code for 20% off all regular priced items at through Dec 6th. They are also offering free ground shipping from 12/7 until 12/26.

So please go visit the site and shop shop shop.

Happy Holidays,

Sibbonai and Lisa Kline :)

Hot Couple of the Week

Everyone knows how much I love Jayz and Beyonce so it only makes since that they would be my first insert in these series . Beyonce looks great in this picture , I love love love the trench and even more the Fendi bag it is so hot . Jay as always looks fly , his swag is something that should be bottled and given to the masses. I love Jay. Also Beyonces shoes are hot , I love the patent leather thing she has going on , I think I will recreate a cheaper version of this for myself. Hot Indeed.

Project Runway...

I am really feeling Project Runway and especially this season . My favorites are Christian and Carmen . Carmen is a Kelis look alike , they could be cousins or something even there aesthetics are the same . The show was greatly missed by me . if you have never seen the show please tune into bravo on Wed nights 10:00 eastern time to watch. I will start to post an episode recaps on these also.

The Hills Recap

Ok the hills was eventful we met Spencer's psycho sister , who looks alot like Spencer. I am glad to see Heidi speaking up for herself with the Lauren Dissing stating that she is over it . Good for you Heidi. I am loving Brody more and more for how he sticks up for Lauren , Lauren this will make a good man for you:) , I need to start a we love Brody Fan Club . Audrina finally dumped Justin Bobby at least it seems that way , she and all the others saw Justin kissing another girl in front of her so she finally broke it off. This episode was full of drama what we all love from the hills.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lisa Kline Boutique New Website Launch

Lisa Kline has launched a new website and asked me to feature it. I will post pictures of some of my favorite things from the site. As you know Lisa Kine is a celebrity favorite in L.A. you might have seen them featured in many magazines or on the tongue of every Hollywood fashionista.

My Favorites from Lisa Kine's Fall Collection

Hope-Keyhole Top $156.00
Gogo-Snake Print Buyer Bag $350.00
Karen-Round Bow Top $368.00
Lily-Toni Sheer Turtleneck $235.00
By Francine - Crochet With Print $235.00
Karta-Lorex Shift Dress W/stones : $276.00
Dittos-The Classic Jeans $182.00
Gold Hawk-Dress $196.00
Madison-Silk Chiffon Dress $318.00
Manoush-Feutrine Brocard Jacket $308.00

The web address is is . Please go visit and shop shop shop.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fly Fashionista Style File.... Rhianna

Rhianna is my second edition to my style file post. Her style has really evolved into something that of a young fashionista, she knows how to pair accessories with outfits and is emerging to be one to watch . As you can see below others are noticing as well here are two of her magazine covers:

She mixes it up from casual chic :

To an urban sophisticated style:

And finally here she is out on the town whether it is a dinner out or awards show she always looks great:

Thursday, November 15, 2007

5 Fashion Bargains under $50.00.........

Polyester Micro-Fiber
Cross-Front Dress 40.00 ,

Bitten Boyfriend Jean 14.98,

Fitted Polo Neck Top 40.34,
Two Toned Black Slingback Pumps 42.90,

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Hills Recap

Ok ok ok , this is what I have been waiting on . Some long awaited drama lol. Finally Heidi and Lauren run into each other (seemed staged ) but anyway they were able to hash out some issues. I must say that on the commercials with the clips of the show I felt sorry for Heidi bc I feel like she is alone with no friends and having to look at Spencer everyday is depressing for anybody. But after she ran into Lauren at the event and she never apologized she even got an attitude with Lauren , she was accompanied by a new bolthouse employee so maybe she was trying to show out in front of her who knows . Anyway she walks up to Lauren and Whitney ans say hello and she begins to say what she did or didn't say about her which was the wrong setting to have that conversation. So she instant messaged Lauren asking her to meet so they can talk. So Heidi came to Laurens condo to talk and she never admitted that she knew that Spencer was gonna do that , she was still lying to Lauren about the tape so Lauren ended the conversation with I have to forgive you and I also want to Forget you . Heidi walked out and that was the end of the episode.

That episode was great , I loved it . They finally got something resolved and they can move on with their lives .

Friday, November 9, 2007

If I was rich I would buy........

Dior Silk Top 1'710.00 Just Cavalli Pump 595.00

Versace Sweater Dress 1'450.0
Giuseppe Zanoti Pump Tracy Reese Tunic 525.00
Just Cavalli Gold Disco Dress 1'5550.00

L.A.M.B. Plaid Blazer 425.00
Dior Fish Scales Pump 890.00

Alice + Olivia Beaded Tunic 484.00
Marc Jacobs Peacoat 498.00
Paige Wide Leg Jeans 198.00

Michael Kors Belted Satchel 995.00 Marc Jacobs Satchel 1'250.00

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Great Feedback.

I just wanted to thank everyone for all your comments and for coming to see what I have to say , I am so in awe that people would even care to know my opinion on anything. As you can see I always have one whether it is right wrong or indifferent I have one and I can vocalize it quite well. I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to visit and continue because the blog will only get better. That is a promise.

Two things I wanted to announce : The first is a I received an email from the Fashion Webmaster at telling me how much they love the blog and how they want me to do a write up on their new site and I am so so excited. The second thing is that someone from Lisa Kline read the write up I did on her jackets and they want me to feature some new items on the blog and write about them , so look for those sometime in the future. So as you can see things are going well and they can only get better.I will be back tomorrow with my infamous "If I was rich I would buy" entry so look forward to that . Have a great night and God Bless.....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fly Fashionista Style File.... Beyonce

This is surprisingly my first entry about Beyonce . The reason why I say that is because I am one of her biggest fans. I love her music and most of all her fashion sense. Not to mention her boyfriend/fiance Jay z is my favorite rapper with a swag to boast and brag about. I am not really into the house of dereon like I thought I would be but Beyonce's fashion sense is impeccable. She knows how to put pieces together from accessories , to dresses, jeans , etc. She always is wearing the hottest bag or pair of Louboutin's . I love everything about her style , I have never once seen her in an outfit that I didn't like . She is always so well put together and she knows how to dress for her body type.She is a fashionista and lover of fashion in her own right always at the fashion shows and always wearing the trends to a tee. She had to be my first entry because I feel that she sets tons a trends and she has a cult following that includes the regular fashionista such as myself or celebrities that copy her style. So kudos to Ms. Beyonce Knowles , the first entry in my Fly Fashionista Style File!