Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Since fall crept up on us in the south and even though the weather seems very unconvincing; It still is fall and it is time to get your jacket/coat game up lol. In Georgia especially middle GA we rarely utilize coats , we mostly live in jackets . I love the winter time but we don't have a winter really we just have a long summer and a brisk fall , maybe around January and February it gets a little chilly like in the 40's or 50's but it rarely gets colder than that. This makes jackets very important. I am going to feature both for my northern visitors and plus I love coats too , just bc it doesn't get that cold doesn't mean I don't upgrade my coat game for winter. I have already started with a black trench, 2 knee length swing coats, and a wool pea coat and I have tons of blazers from last year a blazer is so classic that it never goes out of style and if you buy a good one you can have it forever. So if you are not that into fashion or you don't have money for trends I suggest passing up on the trendier items such as bombers , swing coats and maybe even plaid and sticking to something more classic like a blazer or a pea coat.

Whats Hot right now are leather bomber jackets, men's wear inspired pieces, swing coats are still in , trench coats , pea coats are still hot , and knee length swing coats. You can never go wrong with the classic blazer. This will be a two day post with more reasonable features today nothing over 100.00 and more pricey items tomorrow. Here are some of my faves .

Here are three of my faves from Target that range from 29.99-79.99: The trench coat is 39.99 so is the swing coat in the middle and the plaid short trench very chic is 79.99.

Here are some of my faves from Old Navy , these are a little more expensive ranging from 78.00-88.00 : The gray plaid pea coat is 88.00; the black and white pea coat is 78.00

Here are some of my favorites from one of my favorite sites and stores Urban Outfitters (one day this week I will do a post just featuring my finds from Urban Outfitters .I always find something unique and hot every time I visit from clothes to accessories so look foward to that) these items below range from 58.00-98.00: The Lux bow front bomber is 78.00, Lux Eton Jacket is 58.00 I just ordered this one I love it it combines three trends plaid, bows, and bomber it is very hot , loves it. Lux Hoodstooth bomber is 98.00 (I love this one too) , Grey Twill Jacket is 58.00, and the Lux Exeter Blazer is 68.00.

So see everyone you never have to compromise trends/fashion bc you don't have alot a money you can still participate you just have to look a little harder that's all. I just featured 10 great items for under 100.00 , it can be done .My high end jacket/coat post will be featured tomorrow . Stay tuned. Have a great day and God Bless.

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