Friday, October 26, 2007

Jackets/Coats Continued....

Hi Everyone ,

Here is the second part to my post . On the last post I featured some more affordable items , all the items listed were less than $100.00 . Now I will feature more expensive items some of these in which the average person might have to save up to afford , I know I would , either that or that would be my only shopping purchase. I know I can say that if you are a obsessive shopper like me everyone has given themselves the you get what you pay for speech to justify a major purchase well these are those purchases. Maybe to the other readers who wouldn't spend this much on one item I suggest that you get an idea of the coat that you are looking for and try to find a cheaper alternative as you saw on the last post they are out there. The only difference between these coats and cheaper ones could be the fabric i.e. type of wool , buttons , hood vrs no hood , fur vrs no fur , so the details sometimes can be very small.

Here are three of my picks from , (shopbop is a site that features alot of hip brands such as Alice + Olivia, juicy couture , Marc by Marc Jacobs, all designer jeans such as true religions , Paige denim , seven for all mankind , and etc) the first coat is a fleece hooded coat by juicy couture and it is 298.00 , the next is a puff collar coat by Alice + Olivia for 440.00, the last coat featured from shopbop is from Marc Jacobs and it is a striped boiled knit coat for 398.00.

My next stop for great winter attire is , bluefly is a great site it features designer clothing at 40 %-70% percent off. Great if you love labels but sometimes you don't have the money to spend on them. Here are a few of my favorites . The first is a Pasha & Jo leather trench coat the coat was originally $600.00 but is on bluefly for $360.00, the next one is Cole Haan wool-cashmere standing car coat (standing collared coats are in for the winter) it was originally $595.00 but on bluelfy it is $357.00 , the last coat is from Kenneth Cole it is a wool dress coat with a leather waist it was originally $354.00 but on bluefly for $300.99.

My last entry for the luxurious coat post is from , Lisa Kline , I am sure you have seen Paris Hilton , Jessica Simpson , Lauren Conrad , Halle Berry , in the boutique with the black blinds that block the paparazzi . This is a hot LA boutique with great clothing . If you are looking in any gossip mag I am sure you will see a picture of a celebrity in this store so it is only right that I feature it on my high end jackets/coats post. Here are a few of my favorite's from Lisa Kline. A lantern sleeve coat priced at $358.00 , the next is a Rebecca Taylor shawl collared jacket at $495.00 , and my last pick from Lisa Kline is gennera shrunken jacket priced at $258.00.

Ok that completes my fall jacket/coat preview I hope that I have enlightened you on the current trends, new web sites as well as new ideas for the upcoming winter months. As I said previously if these coats are too pricey and you would NEVER spend this much on a piece of clothing then use them as a guide to find cheaper alternatives. Have a good weekend and until my next post God Bless !!!!

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