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The Hills Recap

Sorry it has taken me two days to re post , I have been really tired lately . The changing of the seasons is really taken an effect on me . I'm better now , back to blogging :).

The Hills was a disappointment the big reunion with Brody and Spencer was not what was expected , they didn't even talk . On the show it was Fashion week , Lauren and Whitney went to NY to visit Amy regarding the young Hollywood party . While Whitney was nervous because she had to present her presentation for the setup of the Teen Vogue runway , Lauren was busy helping Marc Jacobs in preparation for his Fashion Show. Whitney did quite well while presenting and Lauren actually got to meet Marc Jacobs which was great . I love Marc Jacobs , I think that he is one of the most influential designers of our time and he has made Louis Vuitton a better brand , if that is possible ;as well as perfecting his own clothing line . So meeting Marc Jacobs was the highlight of Laurens trip while Whitney was worried on how she did on her presentation . Although Lauren was excited to be in NY she was sad bc she missed Brody . i think that Spencer is finally realizing after running into Frankie at bolthouse that life goes on without him and no one cares that he is mad , so he needs to get over himself. Which his girlfriend should have given him that speech a while ago because she realized that episodes ago . What I am curious to see is how long Brody and Laurens little crush lasts and How the fashion show turns out ? I am glad that Lauren is finally happy and I'm sure all her friends are too , because we know how Lauren gets when she has no man . Oh yea I almost forget the most important part , the fashion lol. Whitney looked great as usual , ultimate California girl at her finest . While Lauren seems to adapt to the style of wherever she goes , she wore this wonderful dress that was grey with a black belt , she fit right in with the executives at Teen Vogue as well as in NY. That was the only outfit that stood out , the ladies always look great . I even channeled Lauren today I wore one of her famous wraps with skinny jeans and heels it was quite cute :).

More on the hills next week .


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Omg I didn't realize it had been a year . Time passes by so fast and a lot has changes since I lost blogged. Let's see I will keep it brief . I had a baby as you all know she is now 2 and a total mini me , love her . I am getting divorced never thought I would would ever say that but things happen and I must say I am doing great God has really provided not only financially but spiritually . Let's see what else? Still trying to lost baby weight and Maliyah is 2 lol I gained 70 pounds only 25 more to go . Got a promotion at work . Lastly bought some great clothes and as always gave a lot of them away . I will try to post OOTD at least 3 times a week . Later I will post my favorite trends and shoe and bag buys. I have been shopping like crazy . I'm glad to be back this is like therapy lol if I would have know this I would have come back much sooner but when you have a 2 year old they become your life and it's hard to balance but I think I got it now 😊. 
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Hi Guys,

I decided to wear a body con skirt today at work. I was going for the cool casual look like the put together look but not. I think I acheived it. I work a kind of  long shirt but I didnt like how it looked with no structure so I added a belt. Without the belt it made me look bigger. Attention ladies just because you are a little thicker than the norm dont hide your figure in big oversized clothes it just makes you look larger and doesnt really work out. I have alot behind me if you know what I mean and I was going to work and not a party so I had to make sure even with the belt the shirt covered most of the backside and it did. Turned out to be really cute. I didnt want to match all the way down I wanted to make it less serious and more casual so I added my neon pink sandals to add some flair. Check it out.

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