Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here is my third fall fashion installment of what Sibbonai is feeling right now and I am really feeling dresses. The top two dresses are from www.torrid.com which I love two things I am feeling right now are grey and a really hot houndstooth fabric and we see both of these .I just want to let ladies know just because you aren't model size doesn't mean you cant be fly bc I am a size 14-16 and I stay fresh lol. I am working on getting daily or weekly posts of my outfits to help my thick sisters get some ideas hopefully I will start that next week.

These two dresses are from my favorite site right now www.asos.com , this site is a must visit whether you are looking for a unique pair of heels or a great outfit this site is the place to visit. Sequins are really in now and so is a feminine flair and that is what these two dresses embody.

The turquoise and yellow chiffon dress is from a fashion staple forever 21 . I love forever 21 a great place to get designer knockoffs for a low price. The pink dress is from another great store Arden b , this dress combines two trends right now sequins and houndstooth , this dress would be great for the club.
My next post will be devoted to jeans , my favorite clothing staple . I am a jean lover and I have over 100 pair the reason why I am so proud of this is because it is a feat for me , why you ask because I have the feature that alot black women have big hips and a ample backside , So knowing your body is key when trying on and picking jeans. My next post will feature some of the brands and types of jeans I wear daily that fit the best being that my waist is smaller that my bottom. Remember when buying jeans quality and fit sometimes costs so spending 100-150 on a pair of jeans might seem to be pricey but they will last a lifetime and fit great ,keep that in mind because I am a bit of a jean snob .Hopefully this will help someone in picking out a great pair. Until the next post , God Bless :).

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