Wednesday, October 31, 2007

American Gangster Movie Review

I don't know if everyone knows how much I adore Denzel so I am a little one sided regarding him but I will be as diplomatic as I can . It is hard not to make a good comment about such a accomplished and gorgeous :) actor . The story line in so many words was about Frank Lucas a southern man who moved to Harlem and was the ultimate hustler .Frank was incredibly intelligent . In the movie Frank began as the driver for Bumpy Johnson (who was featured in the movie Hoodlum with Lawrence Fishburne) . Bumpy ran the streets of Harlem and taught Frank everything that he knew regarding the streets . After Bumpy dies Frank comes up with this great idea of cutting out the middle man and becoming the main supplier of Heroin and ultimately only supplier in NY. Frank embodied a lot of qualities that would help out our young black men these days even though he dealt drugs his aesthetic was very different , he was totally against flash often times because of his outer appearance he flew under the radar , which in his line of business was a good thing. Also he believed in sole proprietorship , never depending on anyone but himself and when he built his empire he employed his family .I think black Americans as a whole can learn something from his entrepreneur mindset . Russell Crowe played Richie the scatter brained cop who stopped at nothing to have an impact on ending the drug trade in the 70's . T.I.'s role was very small he played Franks cousin Steve .He totaled maybe about 20 minutes throughout the whole movie and most of that time he was not speaking. Commons role was small also he played Franks brother but smaller than T.I.'s because I don't eve remember Common's name . Surprisingly the rapper that I had no idea that was in the movie RZA had the largest role, he played one of the men employed in Richie's narcotics force. Overall the movie had a great storyline and it flowed well . The movie was a combination of the Soprano's , the shield and soul food; it might sound strange but it fit . Denzel did a wonderful job of bringing the character to life and so did the supporting cast . I give the movie an A- , the only reason it doesn't get an A+ because I feel that it ends a little abruptly and doesn't come full circle . Another thing I was surprised about is the American Gangster Cd by Jay z wasn't featured anywhere in the movie ? I was under the impression the Cd would be the sound track but it seems as if movie was the inspiration for the CD.
So everyone needs to go see this movie as it is the hip hop generations Scarface . It is a must see .


patrick said...

American Gangster reminds me yet again what a versatile actor Russell Crowe is… plus Ridley Scott deftly leads us into loving the bad guy and disliking the good guy only to flip that around by the end of the movie... very clever.

Anonymous said...

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