Wednesday, October 31, 2007

American Gangster Movie Review

I don't know if everyone knows how much I adore Denzel so I am a little one sided regarding him but I will be as diplomatic as I can . It is hard not to make a good comment about such a accomplished and gorgeous :) actor . The story line in so many words was about Frank Lucas a southern man who moved to Harlem and was the ultimate hustler .Frank was incredibly intelligent . In the movie Frank began as the driver for Bumpy Johnson (who was featured in the movie Hoodlum with Lawrence Fishburne) . Bumpy ran the streets of Harlem and taught Frank everything that he knew regarding the streets . After Bumpy dies Frank comes up with this great idea of cutting out the middle man and becoming the main supplier of Heroin and ultimately only supplier in NY. Frank embodied a lot of qualities that would help out our young black men these days even though he dealt drugs his aesthetic was very different , he was totally against flash often times because of his outer appearance he flew under the radar , which in his line of business was a good thing. Also he believed in sole proprietorship , never depending on anyone but himself and when he built his empire he employed his family .I think black Americans as a whole can learn something from his entrepreneur mindset . Russell Crowe played Richie the scatter brained cop who stopped at nothing to have an impact on ending the drug trade in the 70's . T.I.'s role was very small he played Franks cousin Steve .He totaled maybe about 20 minutes throughout the whole movie and most of that time he was not speaking. Commons role was small also he played Franks brother but smaller than T.I.'s because I don't eve remember Common's name . Surprisingly the rapper that I had no idea that was in the movie RZA had the largest role, he played one of the men employed in Richie's narcotics force. Overall the movie had a great storyline and it flowed well . The movie was a combination of the Soprano's , the shield and soul food; it might sound strange but it fit . Denzel did a wonderful job of bringing the character to life and so did the supporting cast . I give the movie an A- , the only reason it doesn't get an A+ because I feel that it ends a little abruptly and doesn't come full circle . Another thing I was surprised about is the American Gangster Cd by Jay z wasn't featured anywhere in the movie ? I was under the impression the Cd would be the sound track but it seems as if movie was the inspiration for the CD.
So everyone needs to go see this movie as it is the hip hop generations Scarface . It is a must see .

The Hills Recap

Sorry it has taken me two days to re post , I have been really tired lately . The changing of the seasons is really taken an effect on me . I'm better now , back to blogging :).

The Hills was a disappointment the big reunion with Brody and Spencer was not what was expected , they didn't even talk . On the show it was Fashion week , Lauren and Whitney went to NY to visit Amy regarding the young Hollywood party . While Whitney was nervous because she had to present her presentation for the setup of the Teen Vogue runway , Lauren was busy helping Marc Jacobs in preparation for his Fashion Show. Whitney did quite well while presenting and Lauren actually got to meet Marc Jacobs which was great . I love Marc Jacobs , I think that he is one of the most influential designers of our time and he has made Louis Vuitton a better brand , if that is possible ;as well as perfecting his own clothing line . So meeting Marc Jacobs was the highlight of Laurens trip while Whitney was worried on how she did on her presentation . Although Lauren was excited to be in NY she was sad bc she missed Brody . i think that Spencer is finally realizing after running into Frankie at bolthouse that life goes on without him and no one cares that he is mad , so he needs to get over himself. Which his girlfriend should have given him that speech a while ago because she realized that episodes ago . What I am curious to see is how long Brody and Laurens little crush lasts and How the fashion show turns out ? I am glad that Lauren is finally happy and I'm sure all her friends are too , because we know how Lauren gets when she has no man . Oh yea I almost forget the most important part , the fashion lol. Whitney looked great as usual , ultimate California girl at her finest . While Lauren seems to adapt to the style of wherever she goes , she wore this wonderful dress that was grey with a black belt , she fit right in with the executives at Teen Vogue as well as in NY. That was the only outfit that stood out , the ladies always look great . I even channeled Lauren today I wore one of her famous wraps with skinny jeans and heels it was quite cute :).

More on the hills next week .

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday oh Monday...........

I hope everyone is having a better Monday than me , at this point I feel like I will go home go to bed wake up and start all over again lol.

The good news for me is I will be previewing American Gangster tonight and tomorrow I will give my movie review as well as my recap and comments on the The Hills Spencer and Brody reunion ??? Whatever lol. As always be safe and God Bless.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jackets/Coats Continued....

Hi Everyone ,

Here is the second part to my post . On the last post I featured some more affordable items , all the items listed were less than $100.00 . Now I will feature more expensive items some of these in which the average person might have to save up to afford , I know I would , either that or that would be my only shopping purchase. I know I can say that if you are a obsessive shopper like me everyone has given themselves the you get what you pay for speech to justify a major purchase well these are those purchases. Maybe to the other readers who wouldn't spend this much on one item I suggest that you get an idea of the coat that you are looking for and try to find a cheaper alternative as you saw on the last post they are out there. The only difference between these coats and cheaper ones could be the fabric i.e. type of wool , buttons , hood vrs no hood , fur vrs no fur , so the details sometimes can be very small.

Here are three of my picks from , (shopbop is a site that features alot of hip brands such as Alice + Olivia, juicy couture , Marc by Marc Jacobs, all designer jeans such as true religions , Paige denim , seven for all mankind , and etc) the first coat is a fleece hooded coat by juicy couture and it is 298.00 , the next is a puff collar coat by Alice + Olivia for 440.00, the last coat featured from shopbop is from Marc Jacobs and it is a striped boiled knit coat for 398.00.

My next stop for great winter attire is , bluefly is a great site it features designer clothing at 40 %-70% percent off. Great if you love labels but sometimes you don't have the money to spend on them. Here are a few of my favorites . The first is a Pasha & Jo leather trench coat the coat was originally $600.00 but is on bluefly for $360.00, the next one is Cole Haan wool-cashmere standing car coat (standing collared coats are in for the winter) it was originally $595.00 but on bluelfy it is $357.00 , the last coat is from Kenneth Cole it is a wool dress coat with a leather waist it was originally $354.00 but on bluefly for $300.99.

My last entry for the luxurious coat post is from , Lisa Kline , I am sure you have seen Paris Hilton , Jessica Simpson , Lauren Conrad , Halle Berry , in the boutique with the black blinds that block the paparazzi . This is a hot LA boutique with great clothing . If you are looking in any gossip mag I am sure you will see a picture of a celebrity in this store so it is only right that I feature it on my high end jackets/coats post. Here are a few of my favorite's from Lisa Kline. A lantern sleeve coat priced at $358.00 , the next is a Rebecca Taylor shawl collared jacket at $495.00 , and my last pick from Lisa Kline is gennera shrunken jacket priced at $258.00.

Ok that completes my fall jacket/coat preview I hope that I have enlightened you on the current trends, new web sites as well as new ideas for the upcoming winter months. As I said previously if these coats are too pricey and you would NEVER spend this much on a piece of clothing then use them as a guide to find cheaper alternatives. Have a good weekend and until my next post God Bless !!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Since fall crept up on us in the south and even though the weather seems very unconvincing; It still is fall and it is time to get your jacket/coat game up lol. In Georgia especially middle GA we rarely utilize coats , we mostly live in jackets . I love the winter time but we don't have a winter really we just have a long summer and a brisk fall , maybe around January and February it gets a little chilly like in the 40's or 50's but it rarely gets colder than that. This makes jackets very important. I am going to feature both for my northern visitors and plus I love coats too , just bc it doesn't get that cold doesn't mean I don't upgrade my coat game for winter. I have already started with a black trench, 2 knee length swing coats, and a wool pea coat and I have tons of blazers from last year a blazer is so classic that it never goes out of style and if you buy a good one you can have it forever. So if you are not that into fashion or you don't have money for trends I suggest passing up on the trendier items such as bombers , swing coats and maybe even plaid and sticking to something more classic like a blazer or a pea coat.

Whats Hot right now are leather bomber jackets, men's wear inspired pieces, swing coats are still in , trench coats , pea coats are still hot , and knee length swing coats. You can never go wrong with the classic blazer. This will be a two day post with more reasonable features today nothing over 100.00 and more pricey items tomorrow. Here are some of my faves .

Here are three of my faves from Target that range from 29.99-79.99: The trench coat is 39.99 so is the swing coat in the middle and the plaid short trench very chic is 79.99.

Here are some of my faves from Old Navy , these are a little more expensive ranging from 78.00-88.00 : The gray plaid pea coat is 88.00; the black and white pea coat is 78.00

Here are some of my favorites from one of my favorite sites and stores Urban Outfitters (one day this week I will do a post just featuring my finds from Urban Outfitters .I always find something unique and hot every time I visit from clothes to accessories so look foward to that) these items below range from 58.00-98.00: The Lux bow front bomber is 78.00, Lux Eton Jacket is 58.00 I just ordered this one I love it it combines three trends plaid, bows, and bomber it is very hot , loves it. Lux Hoodstooth bomber is 98.00 (I love this one too) , Grey Twill Jacket is 58.00, and the Lux Exeter Blazer is 68.00.

So see everyone you never have to compromise trends/fashion bc you don't have alot a money you can still participate you just have to look a little harder that's all. I just featured 10 great items for under 100.00 , it can be done .My high end jacket/coat post will be featured tomorrow . Stay tuned. Have a great day and God Bless.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Hills Recap/Comments and Why Did I Get Married Movie Review...

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as did I , but they never last long enough. I actually did a little weekend shopping at Old Navy . They have some really cute sweaters and cardigans for fall.

I went to the movies finally to see Why Did I Get Married? so I missed the game and cant give my comments on that ,I will have to watch it tomorrow and add it to tomorrows post bc you know I am team Melanie representing lol . The movie was wonderful , I am not usually a fan of plays turned movies bc the movies just repeat the play. but Tyler Perry did a wonderful job and the movie was great , I went with my boyfriend and he enjoyed it also so its not just a chic flick. It was very funny as well as spiritual and uplifting ;the messages in the movie hit home to any couple . Overall it was a great date movie we both really liked it and I would see it again. On a grading system from A-F . I give the movie an A+ a must see . A great representation of black successful college graduates male and female and black marriage not all of us have baby mama's and daddy's some of us actually marry .Black people are just as diverse as any other race don't believe the stereotypes and this movie proved that. Go see it !

On to the hills , I stayed up for the rerun just for the purpose of this post . Lauren finally went on a date with someone hallelujah ; instead of criticizing everyone else's relationship. It was good to see her with a guy that is not one of her exes . Heidi is finally standing up to Spencer and I think she is seeing his true selfish colors slowly but surely, I thank God for that , bc I loath Spencer . I don't really dislike Heidi bc I think that she is very impressionable and not able to think for her self I just feel sorry for her that she lets him manipulate her and as a result she is friendless . Back to Lauren she went on the date but she couldn't enjoy herself for thinking about Brody :). Ok I love Brody I think he is adorable, I would date him lol. I think eventually they are actually going to try dating again . They make such a cute couple. I cant wait for next week when Spencer breaks down and calls Brody and also Lauren and Whitney travel to NY in preparation for NY Fashion Week. Whitney looked cute in this episode as usual so did Lauren. No real fire works in this episode , hopefully the next week's will fair better.

I haven't decided on my topic for tomorrow , you will just have to check me out and see , but it will be something fashionably fabulous ...... Have a wonderful day and god bless.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans ......

Ok first off I will start by saying that I love jeans and they are a staple in my wardrobe , as I mentioned earlier it is hard for me to find jeans that fit perfectly because I have the issues that most black women have a smaller waist and larger hips with a bigger bottom. My jeans always seemed to gap in the back and were too long in the crouch area. What I have noticed is that jeans fit my body type better with 1 or 2 percent spandex this will alleviate the gap and also make for a better fit. I complain about finding jeans for my body type but I wouldn't change it , this post is to teach women how to amplify it with the correct jean.

Some tips for the perfect jean when you are pear shaped (which means larger on bottom than top) ;

  • always look for 1 or 2 percent spandex
  • a darker wash is always best, more sophisticated and never goes out of style
  • never get a low or ultra low rise always go for just below the waist or regular fit
  • Don't believe the myth that hipper women look best in boot cut , I love a skinny jean you just have to find the right pair for you with at least 2 percent spandex and they need to come just above your ankle . to me these jeans show off my hips and my overall shape best. I love them just as well as a boot cut which should be a staple in anyone's wardrobe.

Ok now that the basics are out of the way I will talk about some of my favorite brands and also some new brands that are worth a try.

My favorite brands right now are old navy sweetheart fit , bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker boyfriend fit and also straight leg , seven for all mankind, true religion, jag jeans , little in the middle, apple bottoms , and worn jeans to name a few .

The new brands that I want to feature are Christopher Blue, Jag jeans, and my fave little in the middle ( a jean that caters to women with smaller waists and bigger hips).

My last jean purchase ; I haven't been able to find these in the stores like my Jag jeans so I had to order them online on the website.

These are Jag jeans Chic - a -Dee jean priced at $ 80.00, they are 98 percent cotton 2 percent spandex. These also have a great fit. I actually lucked up on these in Marshall's only paid $49.99 for them.

These are Christopher Blue's Lloyd's Daughter Jean priced at 150.00 they come in sizes 2-16 ;

they are 98 percent cotton 2 percent spandex. I have these jeans and they fit wonderfully.

The perfect website to visit to help you with everything jean is you put in all your measurements and they match you with the perfect jean they will even send you a free tape measure in the mail when you register with the site. Now the jeans can range from $70-$170 depending on the brand the site lists over 100 brands and they are all brand names the thing when shopping for anything you have to remember is you get what you pay for . Alot of my jeans I have had for years and they still look new. The key to the longevity of my jeans is that I put my jeans in the cleaners to have them dry cleaned , I am a firm believer that whatever they use on your clothes helps to preserve them. If the cleaners is too costly for you I suggest washing your jeans and letting them air dry DON'T PUT THEM IN THE DRYER this will preserve the life in your jeans as well as the look of them.

I hope that this post will help someone in their next jean purchase. Any other jeans that I haven't mentioned on the site that you think are great please leave a comment and let me know :).

I am adding two elements to my site , when project runway (my fave show ) debuts I will be giving a weekly recap and opinion on the show. I will be doing this with my other two obsessions The Game( team Melanie )and The Hills( team Lauren , Heidi Sucks lol) . Also I am an avid reader and music lover I will be giving my critique and ratings on books that I read and Cd's I like, so look forward to those. Feel free to email me or leave comments on anything you would like to see added to or talked about on the site. Thanks and Have a great weekend and Happy Friday.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hump Day , Thank God :)

I am currently working on my jean post . Will post again tomorrow :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here is my third fall fashion installment of what Sibbonai is feeling right now and I am really feeling dresses. The top two dresses are from which I love two things I am feeling right now are grey and a really hot houndstooth fabric and we see both of these .I just want to let ladies know just because you aren't model size doesn't mean you cant be fly bc I am a size 14-16 and I stay fresh lol. I am working on getting daily or weekly posts of my outfits to help my thick sisters get some ideas hopefully I will start that next week.

These two dresses are from my favorite site right now , this site is a must visit whether you are looking for a unique pair of heels or a great outfit this site is the place to visit. Sequins are really in now and so is a feminine flair and that is what these two dresses embody.

The turquoise and yellow chiffon dress is from a fashion staple forever 21 . I love forever 21 a great place to get designer knockoffs for a low price. The pink dress is from another great store Arden b , this dress combines two trends right now sequins and houndstooth , this dress would be great for the club.
My next post will be devoted to jeans , my favorite clothing staple . I am a jean lover and I have over 100 pair the reason why I am so proud of this is because it is a feat for me , why you ask because I have the feature that alot black women have big hips and a ample backside , So knowing your body is key when trying on and picking jeans. My next post will feature some of the brands and types of jeans I wear daily that fit the best being that my waist is smaller that my bottom. Remember when buying jeans quality and fit sometimes costs so spending 100-150 on a pair of jeans might seem to be pricey but they will last a lifetime and fit great ,keep that in mind because I am a bit of a jean snob .Hopefully this will help someone in picking out a great pair. Until the next post , God Bless :).

Monday, October 15, 2007


Ok here is my second part to my fall fashion picks. I am a lover of buttons and bows so anything with big buttons and bows is a must have for me . The two online sites featured in this post are and this wonderful site that I live by that is my new obsession which is they have wonderful gorgeous clothing that's a little pricey but it is very unique and hip. They also sell shoes and accessories and their shoes are hot and different. Its a must visit website.

Back to fall , I am feeling ruffles , satin , bows, sequins, buttons, anything feminine , as well as tunics with bright colors , anything purple and royal blue .

Back to blogging.......

Sorry it has taken so long for me to finish my 3 day post on fall fashion . I have been unbelievably busy lately with work and I also went home to visit Mississippi to visit family , I had so much fun. I also stopped by Steve and Barry's to fulfill my Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker obsession , I love her line it so chic and hip . I bought a great peacoat for 19.98 a wool peacoat at that . I would recommend her line to anyone who loves clothes and who likes trendy clothes because her clothes are so reasonable that you can by trendy and not feel bad about it next season when the trends change . I absolutely love her line I always have to travel to because there is no Steve and Barry's close to me the closest one is in Athens which is 2 hours away. I was like a child at Christmas as I piled my purchases in the buggy lol. Now that I have gotten my weekend shopping fix , here is the next installation of my three day fashion picks for fall. Happy Monday :)....
Thanks for your comments and feedback , it means alot.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Hi Everyone,

I am doing a three day post on my favorite things right now and I am starting with Shoes.I am a shoe freak I have around 200 pair or so .My favorite brands are Steve Madden , Nine West, Oh deer, Aldo , Jessica Simpson , and BCBG. My favorite types of shoes are pumps , I love a heel . Right now I am really loving a platform and also a the thick wooden heels .

Here are a few pairs that I have found that I am in love with: (the brands are Aldo , Nine West, Michael Antonio , and Oh Deer)

My obsession ..........

Ok , I know this is my obsession along with millions of others but , I absolutely am in love with the hills and the style of all three of the ladies . I am apart of the we hate heidi and spencer club also because I am partial to Lauren , I have loved Lauren ever since Laguna Beach . I especially love the ladies style . Lauren has more of a sweet sofisticated style that includes lots of dresses, Audrina has a sexier style with an edge with more jeans , and Whitney to me has the most all around complete fashion sense and style that includes dresses , jeans , skirts , different colors , patterns , you name it she will wear it . I am more partial to Whitney , because I love mixing it up also.