Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!! Trends in 2008...

Welcome to 2008 . A new year for new fashion and new fabulosity (in the words of Kimora Lee Simmons).

Here are some of the top trends of 2008 . They are primary colors and neon colors (or primary metallics ) which consists of all deep hues such as purple , kelly green , yellow, red, hot pink , electric blue, cobalt blue, orange etc. The deeper and brighter the color the better ,always wear darker colors on the bottom to balance your look out . Here are some examples:

Another Hot trend that will be seen by the masses for Spring 2008 are tribal prints :

Underwear as outerwear: Once a fashion don't , even featured on Project runway as a don't . This trend is making a hot and heavy comeback .

You probably see some of these trends now as you are doing your after Christmas shopping and you will continue to see them well into the new year . Happy New Year and I hope it is prosperous for everyone and truly blessed. :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my readers and god bless everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More great blogging to come as 2007 closes and 2008 will be my year , look foward to that :).

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hot Celebrity Couple!!!!

You already know who it is lol. Here is Jay and Bee at the Knicks vrs Nets game this weekend. I cant help it , I love their swag.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Whats hot right now!!!

Metallic , Metallic , Metallic... The trench is reminiscent of Beyonce's it comes from and the gold lame leggings are from American apparel

Jeans . the straight leg and also the wide leg trouser are in right now both of these are from

Shoes. platforms and booties , the platforms are from Aldo and the booties are from Steve madden

Leather .. leather jackets are hot right now in a bomber style or a biker style . The jacket is from

Tops-- once again metallic, tunic and color blocks are all in the color block tunic is from; and the metallic tunic is from

Bags. clutches , big bags , metallic , embossed leather and snakeskin are in , the clutch is from urban outfitters , the metallic tote is from urban outfitters and the leather embossed bag is also from urban outfitters.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Some of my latest purchases....

I usually post top 5 buys under $50.00 or if I was rich I would buy. I figured that people wanted to know what I buy so I listed some of my latest purchases.
Green Tie Front Top $44.00, Flannel Shirt $14.99 old navy, Gold Metallic Pump $39.99 nine west, spectator pump nine west 39.99, Jag jeans $79.99, Brown and gold Mary Jane $39.99 nine west, true religion jeans $172.00 urban outfitters.
As you can see I try to mix the high end along with the low end. I am a believer of the saying you get what you pay for. Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays :)!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hot Celebrity Fashion Pics....

Love Love Love these outfits . Keep it up ladies . As you can see I have more than one Beyonce pic , I cant help it if the girl is fly. I likes I likes.

Keyshia Cole - I Remember

Keyshia Cole - I Remember
Video sent by notorious70

My favorite Keyshia Cole song off her album . I remember .

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Dream - Falsetto

The Dream - Falsetto
Video sent by notorious70

I have been listening to this song for weeks now and I am glad that he finally made a vidoe for it. His name is Dream and he was written songs for Rhianna , J Holiday. He is the Ehh Ehh man lol.
The name of the song is Falsetto and the video is hot .

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Hills Recap

Tonight was interesting, I was very proud of Heidi she really acted out her faked breakup very well with Spencer. Even though it was faked I loved the way Heidi stood up to him, she even had the neck roll lol , interesting . I am proud of her. I am also proud of Audrina she is moving on and it seems like she is really over Justin Bobby's dirty butt. Good rid dens , lol, I never liked him to much anyway. I am glad he got the boot he was a A 1 butt hole. She deserves better . I think with her dating other people she sees how she is supposed to be treated. So kudos Audrina.

But Lauren Lauren Lauren , what is going on ?????????????You finally find a guy who is cute and a gentleman with his own little celebrity and you don't know how to cease the day. I love Brody is sooooooooooo cute , sweet, handsome, and fly and did I mention cute lol. Hell I would date him .Lauren needs to wake up and tell Brody how she feels they make an adorable couple and I want to see them together ASAP . Lauren and Brody stop playing games and get together already. The season finale is next week , cant wait to see what happens. Even though I think the show is a little faked it still makes for GREAT TV so tune in, the fashion is enough for anyone to watch , those ladies have great style. Heidi included and yes I am still on TEAM LAUREN .

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Luxe Vie, Life with Luxurious Flair (New Site)

This a new website that I found with great fashion at reasonable prices . Go visit the site at . Here are a few of my favorites from the site:

(Left to Right :Red and Grey Tunic $50.00; Backless Turtleneck $24.00; Grey Turtleneck Sweater Dress $65.00; Clutch Bag with Metallic Contrast $50.00; Trapeze Bag $65.00; Black & White Cape $45.00; Burgundy Dress With Silver Detail $55.00; Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dress $50.00)

Go visit the site and shop, shop, shop. Great for the Holidays .

The Little Black Book Of Style

As you know I am an avid lover of fashion and also a faithful watcher and lover of project runway. One of my favorite judges on the show is Nina Garcia . Nina is a wonderfully styled woman and the Fashion Editor of Elle Magazine. Her book should be a staple in any fashionistas household. It gives loads of fashion history , tips for your wardrobe , and works as a great guide to style. A perfect edition for any coffee table nightstand. You will find that the book is very insightful and is a great read. Get it for only 12.00 at .

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lisa Kline Coupon ....

Hello and Happy Holidays!

Lisa Kline is having a special holiday coupon code for 20% off all regular priced items at through Dec 6th. They are also offering free ground shipping from 12/7 until 12/26.

So please go visit the site and shop shop shop.

Happy Holidays,

Sibbonai and Lisa Kline :)

Hot Couple of the Week

Everyone knows how much I love Jayz and Beyonce so it only makes since that they would be my first insert in these series . Beyonce looks great in this picture , I love love love the trench and even more the Fendi bag it is so hot . Jay as always looks fly , his swag is something that should be bottled and given to the masses. I love Jay. Also Beyonces shoes are hot , I love the patent leather thing she has going on , I think I will recreate a cheaper version of this for myself. Hot Indeed.

Project Runway...

I am really feeling Project Runway and especially this season . My favorites are Christian and Carmen . Carmen is a Kelis look alike , they could be cousins or something even there aesthetics are the same . The show was greatly missed by me . if you have never seen the show please tune into bravo on Wed nights 10:00 eastern time to watch. I will start to post an episode recaps on these also.

The Hills Recap

Ok the hills was eventful we met Spencer's psycho sister , who looks alot like Spencer. I am glad to see Heidi speaking up for herself with the Lauren Dissing stating that she is over it . Good for you Heidi. I am loving Brody more and more for how he sticks up for Lauren , Lauren this will make a good man for you:) , I need to start a we love Brody Fan Club . Audrina finally dumped Justin Bobby at least it seems that way , she and all the others saw Justin kissing another girl in front of her so she finally broke it off. This episode was full of drama what we all love from the hills.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lisa Kline Boutique New Website Launch

Lisa Kline has launched a new website and asked me to feature it. I will post pictures of some of my favorite things from the site. As you know Lisa Kine is a celebrity favorite in L.A. you might have seen them featured in many magazines or on the tongue of every Hollywood fashionista.

My Favorites from Lisa Kine's Fall Collection

Hope-Keyhole Top $156.00
Gogo-Snake Print Buyer Bag $350.00
Karen-Round Bow Top $368.00
Lily-Toni Sheer Turtleneck $235.00
By Francine - Crochet With Print $235.00
Karta-Lorex Shift Dress W/stones : $276.00
Dittos-The Classic Jeans $182.00
Gold Hawk-Dress $196.00
Madison-Silk Chiffon Dress $318.00
Manoush-Feutrine Brocard Jacket $308.00

The web address is is . Please go visit and shop shop shop.